"Why don'cha eat your own brains! That is if you even eat brains.

~David Fomes, response to killing a Zombie.

Zombies, also known as Undeads, are enemies in the STICK Franchise, appearing in STICK 4, 2D and Tactics.

Information[edit | edit source]


Name in English

Zombie/ Undead

Name in Japanese


Max HP

  • 80-200 depending on type
  • 3 times the living counterpart (zombie stick figures)


  • claw, puke
  • their respective weapons (zombie stick figures)


  • 5
  • 10 (zombie stick figures)


slow or fast, depending on type


attacks poison player, poison drains 1 HP per second

Other notes

Attacks blindly, watch out for hordes!

Unlike other enemies, Zombies will attack the player blindly and does not bother with strafing. So they can be easily picked off with the use of Ranged Attacks. Their only actual dangerous part was their poisonous attack, which will cause you to take damage continuously until you collect a HP Restoring item.

Zombies have many different sub types, and each sub type has it's own attributes.

Sub types[edit | edit source]

Basic[edit | edit source]

The most common type found everywhere. They just claw at the player. Can be easily picked off, but they come in large numbers.

Mutants[edit | edit source]

Mutants are much more dangerous, considering that they can use a ranged puke attack. The player should approach them carefully, and raises the shield if puked upon.

Runners[edit | edit source]

They are basically the same as the basics, but they are much faster. Time your strike carefully to avoid getting hit by their charging attack.

Dogs[edit | edit source]

Dogs have been zombified too. They are faster than the Runners, and can use a pounce attack that pin down the player. Time your strike carefully to avoid their pounce attack. If you do get pounced on, keep mashing the attack button to escape.

However, they die instantly if they pounce into your shield...

STICK Infantries[edit | edit source]

Zombie Stickmen, you read it right. Found only in the second-to-last section of the final chapter of STICK 4.

There are separate types of zombified infantries: basic Soldiers, Heavy Weapons, Grenadiers, Samurai, Assasin Maids, Crusaders and Valkyrie Archers. Although they are much slower and incapable of backstabs, they are also much tougher than their living counterparts, boasting 3 times the HP. If you get close to them, they will automatically and instantly strike you with their claws, which does 15 points of damage and causes poisoning.

Be warned that some of them will perform a kamikaze attack when defeated, so if they don't die straight away, get out of the way!

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  1. Zombies have been recurring enemies in video games. They serve as the majority of the hostile entities in post-apocalyptic themed games such as Resident Evil and Half-Life.
  2. The Japanese name for the Zombies in STICK 4 (as well as STICK 2D) was "Kyon-Shi". It is considered an incorrect name as "Kyon-Shi", meaning "Stiff Corpse", refers to the East Asian variation, known as "Jiang Shi".
  3. This may be because both western and eastern Zombies are called by the same name in Mandarin (or other variation of the Chinese language).
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