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Not so tough when the target's up close, huh?

~Edge Calloway, landing a melee attack on the cockpit.

The Sky Hunter is an advance Helicopter used by the STICK for air supports. It is very powerful and should not be underestimated.


Sky Hunter

Name in English

Sky Hunter

Name in Japanese

Sora Kariudo Herikoputa

Max HP





Twin Minigun, Laser


  • Twin Minigun: 2 per bullet
  • Laser: 30


Laser produce heavy knockback

Other notes

Pilot can be instant killed by Rangers

Sky Hunters are common sights in urban areas and military bases. Their main weapons are the twin Minguns attatched to either side of the vehicle, as well as the Laser gun.

Sky Hunters are very annoying, due to their high speed and firepower. The best strategy against one as a Fighter is to jump as the chopper is approaching you, and then attacking when it is in attack range. As a Ranger, don't aim directly at the chopper, instead aim ahead of it while it is moving to ensure a direct hit.

You should also be really careful near edges, as Sky Hunters can pop out and ambush you with their Twin Miniguns.

Early Concept[]

The Sky Hunters are originally designed to look like the real life Commanche assault chopper, but the idea was dropped and the enemy was given a completely original appearance.

Early Concept of these helicopters also suggest that they were going to be amphicious, with pontoons replacing their standard landing gear.


  1. The Sky Hunters are not based on anything. However, it rear propeller does looked a bit like the real life AH-64 Apache.
  2. The Sky Hunter has 6 blades, 3 blades spin clockwise while the other 3 spins anti-clockwise.
  3. It is odd that the Sky Hunters produce no sound at all from their engines, considering the amount of wind that a 6 bladed helicopter can discharge from it's propellers.
  4. The Sky Hunters seen in STICK 2D are missing their landing gears. Their pilots are also not visible, unlike the 3d variants.
  5. In the endings of STICK Generations, the Sky Hunter which is hi-jacked by Lt Colonel Summers has a cargo bay, while the compartment is not visible on every other Sky Hunters.
  6. There is an unused image file in each game suggesting that their windsheilds will crack and eventually shatter.