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"Just how do we even scratch these things? What? We attack the turret?"

~Walther seeing the first Shell Tank in STICK 2D.

The Shell Tank is a combat tank used by the STICK for both offensive and defensive operations. They are notorious in the franchise for being difficult to destroy.


Shell Tank

Name in English

Shell Tank

Name in Japanese

Sheru Tanku

Max HP





Twin Smoothbore Cannon


25-50 (depending on radius)


Can only be damaged by hitting the turret.

Other Notes

Cannot Road-kill the player.

The Shell Tank is one of the infamous enemies of the STICK Franchise, because of its invulnerable hull, making the only way of destorying it is by attacking the turret.

Its Twin Smoothbore also deals a lot of damage, so you should be careful when engaging it with melee attacks. Unlike other land vehicles, the Shell Tank cannot Road-kill.

The best strategy against it is to attack the turret when it appears, and keep attacking until destroyed. Rangers will be at a disadvantage against it because it will withdraw its turret when hit with any ranged attacks.

Early Concept[]

  • The Shell Tank originally had open compartments which will make it easy to defeat by attacking the driver. But that renders the fight too easy, and the driver is now completely inside the vehicle.


  1. The Shell Tank is one of the few elements of the STICK Franchise that isn't original, because the model of this enemy is based on the Tank Robots from Valve's Team Fortress 2. However, the Tank Robots themselves are original creations.
  2. The Tank Robot which the Shell is based on has only one sabootage bomb as it's main weapon, and has no way of defending itself because it cannot road-kill the players either. The developers got the idea of improving the enemy by replacing the bomb with a turret and making it's hull impervious to everything.
  3. It is unknown how a Shell Tank is assembled. Because of it's invincible hull, it couldn't have been melted or rivetted in place. This is left as a speculation for the players.