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STICK 6: Last Blood (S.T.I.C.K. Teiko-Ryoku, lit Resistant Force) is the 6th and last game of the STICK Franchise main series.


The story begins with David Fomes waking up from a 1-month coma, and finds out that the STICK has succeed in conquering the world. He also finds that the HMF and RAIDERS are disbanded, and any Raiders caugh are executed right on the spot.

When David and Alice finds Edge, he says he has stashed the Raiders' weapons in a secluded location. The trio then decides that they will personally stop the STICK themselves...

New Content[]

STICK 6 introduces some of the most powerful enemies to ever exist within the franchise, most notably with the Witch being the most powerful enemy to ever be made (although many fan-made enemies, especially the ones used in Alternate Stories are stronger).

Early development[]


  1. The Japanese name for this instalment fits the theme of the game, which is "Revolution", while the English name fits it's role as the last game of the main series.