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STICK 5: Striker Units Assault (S.T.I.C.K: Asaruto Unido, lit Assault Unit) is the 5th game of the STICK Franchise main series.


The STICK suddenly attacks all the major countries in the world without warning, and the HMF is once again forced to deploy the RAIDERS to finish the job.

The RAIDERS succeed in defending Registan, Bevelle and Malkrantia from the STICK, but in each defeat, General Stickler taunts the RAIDERS, saying that he will finally defeat them. The Raiders believes he is bluffing, and responds to his taunts by destroying the broadcasting machine.

When the HMF tracked the broadcasts to Necopolis (Europe), they sends the RAIDERS to raid and destroy the base which is located there. But when the Raiders got there, they find the corpse of several other Raiders, all of whom are killed by the STICK's new subdivision: the Striker Units, whom are their equivalent of the RAIDERS.

The RAIDERS and Striker Units engage in a fight, and the former barely won the fight. But as it turns out, the whole base was an intended Red Herring, and the STICK proceeds to blast it with all the firepower they have accumulated over the past 6 years. For the first time, the RAIDERS are defeated, and while the others managed to escape, David Fomes wasn't so lucky as he fell into a 1-month coma following the event...


David wakes up from his 1-month coma, and is told by Alice Lou that the STICK has taken over the Earth during the whole time. Along with that, the HMF and the RAIDERS has been disbanded...

New Contents[]

Unfortunately, STICK 5 is where the main series stop introducing new characters. But the game makes that up by introducing loads of new enemies, especially the Striker Units (Fleeting Flash, Imaginary Soldier, Machina Sniper)

Early development[]

The Striker Units are results of fans asking for equally matched enemies and have the STICK win for the first time.

Basicaly, the Striker Units are the mirrored side of the RAIDERS...

The Machina Snipers are originaly going to be the same as the female Sniper Soldiers (of course having more HP and damage), but that will deem them too easy and so they were made the doppelganger of Takagi Kobayashi.


  1. The Striker Units are the strongest infantries up to date in the STICK Franchise, but the enemies introduced in STICK 6 are far stronger.
  2. The Striker Units are the mirrored side of all playable characters in the Franchise (save for Walther and Elisa). The Imaginary Soldier to David Fomes; Ephremal Vision to Edge Calloway; Fleeting Flash to Alice Lou; Machina Sniper to Takagi Kobayashi; Resident Evil to Malicia Krisime; Unholy Shredder to Flash; Unholy Bombarder to Cloud; and Dreaded Amalgam to Lt Colonel Summers.