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STICK 3: Identity Theft (S.T.I.C.K: Kojin Joho no Tonan) is the third game in the STICK Franchise main series.


Another year has passed since the STICK's defeat in East Asia. Intel says that they are currently up to something suspicious. Not taking chances, the Humanity Military Forces sends in the RAIDERS to investigate.

As the RAIDERS uncover vital information, they find that the STICK is planning to assasinate the high profile citizens of the human nations. The HMF made sure the enemies won't succeed, and sends the RAIDERS to defend the President of Registan. But to their horror, the real president was already long dead and it was a STICK agent imposing as him.

Now with every nation in political chaos, the RAIDERS need to join forces with, and at the same time, protect the heirloom of the megamind corporation known as the Summers Weapons Industries.

New Content[]

STICK 3 introduces some high tech based enemies such as the Invisible Spies and the Mech genus enemies.

The game also introduces 2 new playable characters: Malicia Krisime and Lt Colonel Summers (although the latter is just a guest character in Mission 4 and 7).

The biggest addition to the Franchise in this game is "Fury", a limit break attack that annihilate every enemies and deals massive damage to bosses, but takes a while to charge up. Fury is charged by taking damage or killing enemies, depending on the character used.

Early Development[]

  • Lt Colonel Summers was originaly going to have his own Fury attack despite not being a Raider. But this was cut out and is only given to him in STICK Tactics (where he also appears as a guest) and STICK: Generation (even then, it was anartificial Fury made by harnessing the energy of the Fury Crystals).
  • A lot of enemies in the Mech genus, notably the Mech Driller and Mech Bomber was cut out in this game (though newer ones appeared in later installments and spin-offs).


  1. It is reveal in this game that the STICK got their technology from raiding Summers Weapons Industries in the past, and added improvements to them.
  2. It is also notable that the Basic Soldiers has switched their main weapon (at least the males did) for a brand new model. This gun is called a TX-120B, a slight step-up from the original TX-120A.
  3. It is unknown how Carlos, the CEO of Skyrockets Corp had survived the Tau Cannon blast at the ending to reappear in STICK 4. Though in the next game he has swapped both his legs and right hand for cybernetic ones, implying that he DID get out in time. Just not how...
  4. Some of the enemies debuting in this game (notably the Chargers and Blade Climbers) looked like they would've came from Shadows Blades Clan, the enemy faction of STICK 2. This has led to the fans believing that the SBC once allied themselves with Skyrockets Corp.