STICK Franchise Official Wiki

STICK 2D is a 2D spin off of the STICK Franchise.


Unlike the main series, this game is a Platformer Run N Gun, so the game is played in a 2D perspective.

The game also used sprites, and as such, there is a separate image file for each frame of an entity.


The most notable difference in this game is that it involves more shooting and less hand-to-hand combat. The player can also pick up different weapons rather than just using the default.

For each Mission that the player completes, he/ she will recieve a Skill Point which can be used to upgrade the character's stats such as Pistol Damage and Max HP.



  • Pistol: the default weapon used by both characters. Moderate ROF and low damage. Infinite ammo.
  • Machine Gun: most common Power Weapon. High ROF and low damage. 200 Ammo
  • Rocket Launcher: slow projectile for wide splash damage. Low ROF and high damage. 30 ammo
  • Sniper Rifle: hitscan weapon that can pierce enemy infantry units. Low ROF and moderate damage. 30 ammo.
  • Homing Missile: chases enemies and has high speed. Moderate ROF and moderate damage. 30 ammo.
  • Ray Gun: a hitscan weapon, but cannot pierce enemies. High ROF and moderate damage. 200 ammo.
  • Flamethrower: damages enemies as long as it is there, but with a short range. Moderate ROF, damage depends on contact duration. 30 ammo.
  • Minigun: high damage output pays for it's 5 seconds charge up. Massive ROF and low damage. 500 ammo.
  • Shotgun: short ranged weapon that damages everything in range. Low ROF and Massive damage. 15 ammo.

Special Weapons[]

  • Charge Gauntlet: Walther's Raider weapon.
  • Throwing Knives: Elisa's Raider weapon.
  • Grenades: explodes on contact with enemy. High damage and small splash.
  • Molotov Cocktails: only explodes against solid ground and enemy vehicles. Damage depends on contact duration (on ground), high damage (instant explode), wide splash.
  • Spiked Ball: doesn't explode, but does damage as long as it bounces. High damage.
  • Incendiary Grenades: leaves a wall of fire upon detonation. Damage depends on contact duration.
  • Frag Bomb: explodes in mid-air and shoots spikes in 16 direction: Moderate damage.

Playable Raiders[]

The Raiders from the main series are not playable. Instead, the players are given 2 unique characters.

  • Walther: he uses the powerful Charge Gauntlet. Starts with 2 Points on HP and Melee Damage.
  • Elisa: she uses throwing knives, which she can duplicate just like Alice's Element Arrows. Starts with 2 Points on Speed and Special Damage.

Unused Contents[]

  1. There were sprites for both Male and Female Soldiers appearing freaked out, but neither are used.
  2. It appears that the Fanatic Soldiers were originally going to use makeshift weapons such as RC Cars with Dynamite, and Explosive Basketballs.
  3. There were sprites of the Valkyrie Archers reloading, but was unused.
  4. Avengers are not seen in the game, even though their sprites are present.
  5. There also appear to be a Zombie using a puke attack. But every Zombies in the game just melees.


  1. The mechanics of this game actually bears a resemblance to the retro Run N Gun game Metal Slug that is made by SNK. The pistol, machine gun, rocket launcher and greades are all based off weapons from that game.
  2. Aside from the weapons, other "borrowed elements" including the Basic Soldiers' death animation (from the main enemies), the sound effects and even the explosions.