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The following terms used in the franchise are notable for their (partialy) originality.


  • Don't bring a lawnchair into a battlefield: This idiom warns rookie soldiers not to enter battles with no proper equipment or when they are not focused. "Lawnchair" refers to when the rookie soldiers are spending too much of their focusness on daydreaming. It can also mean "faulty equipment" as the term "Rocket Lawnchair" was used in real-life internet to describe next to useless launcher-type weapons that is favored by newb players.
  • That X is going Malkrantia: This idiom refers to when the subject (notably a country) is attempting global blitzkrieg or is attacking the entire world at once, while at the same time, repelling any attacks directed on themselves. For example: "That Stickman Army is going Malkrantia" refers to the STICK in the first STICK game; "The Undeads are going Malkrantia" refers to the viral outbreak in STICK 4. "Going Malkrantia" may be a reference to the country Malkrantia's (Russia in-game) behaviour of attempting global blitzkrieg while dismissing counter-attacks with their super technology (except the one against the STICK).
  • Fishing for a whale: A massive hyperbole for doing something that is never supposed to be possible, and will never be.

Daily Terms[]

  • Chinese Violin: Despite being an uncommon noun in the games, "Chinese Violin" has gained some debate among fans as China in-game is known as "Chugoku", and Chinese people are known as "Chugokuan". Which means "Chinese Violin" should have been considered some sort of grammar paradox, as "Chinese" itself is praticaly never used in the STICK universe. "Chinese Violin" may be refering to the traditional chinese instrument "Erhu" due to it being played in a similar manner as western violins.