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The Future STICK are the main antagonists of STICK Generation. They are basicaly the STICK army from 1000 years into the future.


Faction Type future army
Allies with present STICK
enemies with future HMF (possibly), RAIDERS, future RAIDERS
Leader unknown
Subdivision same as the present STICK, but with future technologies


STICK Generation[]

The future STICK travels into present day to help the present STICK Army with their advanced technologies. Even without the help of Striker Units, the future STICK Soldiers managed to outmuscle the present RAIDERS, until the timely interruption from the future RAIDERS...

In the end, the Future STICK are stopped when their time portal is destroyed by the RAIDERS, but Stickler managed to escape again.

After the incident, the STICK has never shown themselves again, finally giving Mankind eternal peace and ultimate victory, but the present RAIDERS are pretty sure those whom came after them will have to fight the Stick Figures again in the distant future...

Infantry Units[]

Future Soldier They have 50 HP more than their past counterparts. Their weapons also deal 5 HP more damage, but otherwise has the same ROF.
Future Grenadier The males uses explosive homing boomerang while the females uses Sniper Bombs.
Future Bazooka The males uses Railguns while the females uses Andro Cannons. They can also appear on jetpacks.
Future Sniper The males uses Cutting Laser Rifles while the females uses the explosive Atom Smasher.
Future Crusader Much faster than the original.
Future Heavy Weapons Unit fires a continuous beam of laser and throws Split Grenades.
Future Samurai Uses a Light Saber, and does more damage. Also faster.
Future Shinobi Teleports rather than strafing. Also much faster.
Future Valkyrie Archer Shoots faster. Arrows also travel at laser speed.
Future Witch Shoots homing energy bullets. Also launches Crawler Bombs from the jetpack.

Vehicles and mechs[]

Future Shell Tank Absolutely indestructible. Can only be destroyed by pitfalls.
Future Sky Hunter Still has Cutting Laser and Energy Shield, but minigun is replaced with belt-fed Homing Missiles. It also has eight propeller blades, making it much faster.
Future Spidermech faster and also capable of jumping.
Mini-Tanks/ Girida-O Fast moving shorter-than-human Tank that shoots plasma balls at a fast rate.
Future Turret Sentry much stronger and uses continuous laser beams.


  1. Despite being from the future, the infantry units acted no different than their past selves do.