STICK Franchise Official Wiki

STICK: Fall Of Mankind[]

  1. Steel Hulk: one of the STICK's mobile fortresses. Can easily level a skyscraper.
  2. Adamant Ocean: gigantic Battle-Carrier that can house over 200 STICK aircrafts. The player needs to climb up it's hull toward it's deck, then attack it's main tower.
  3. Hellfire: VTOL Gunship. It's exhaust flame is hot enough to melt metal.
  4. Tetsukyojin: Prototype Mecha created by the STICK, used by Officer Carlos of the STICK.
  5. Vindicator: lead Flagship. 4 times stronger than normal Flagships, it's mini-weapons shoots faster too.

STICK 2: Shadows Of Osaka[]

  1. Katalina: Japanese oriented Tank Mecha created by the Shadow Blades Clan.
  2. Hozmi: STICK Nuclear Submarine that patrols the Japanese Coastlines.
  3. Fara-go: One of the few transformer-mechas given to the STICK by the Shadow Blades Clan.
  4. Hi-Doh: Modified Chinook Helicopter. It's miniscule amount of HP is made up for the amount of reinforcements and it's strategic location.
  5. Kusanagi: Huge Samurai Robot also made by the Shadow Blades.
  6. Black Widow: Leader of the Shadow Blades. Uses a Neo-mech suit.

STICK 3: Identity Theft[]

  1. Caladgolg: HMF secret weapon hijacked by the STICK.
  2. Hellfire Mk2: Udgraded version of the Hellfire.
  3. Excalibur: European counterpart of the Kusanagi.
  4. Devastator: Secret Weapon of Skyrockets Corporation.

STICK 4: Viral Factor[]

  1. Subject Z-4: Hideous mutant Zombie with an acidic spit.
  2. Coffin: A Zombie hive with it's own weapons.
  3. Leviathan Alta: mechanized giant mutant scorpion with turrets attatched to it's pincers.
  4. Reaper: gigantic skull-shaped robot with eye lasers.

STICK 5: Striker Units Assault[]

  1. Engine: engine of the CSS Olympus.
  2. White Widow: Opposite of the Black Widow, equally evil and armed with cannons.
  3. Drill Worm: drill underneath the ground. Carries it's own arsenal.
  4. DestructorTank: oversized tank with several turrets and Ballistic Missiles.

STICK 6: Last Blood[]

  1. Burra Gariae: German Army munition blimp reverse-engineered by the STICK.
  2. Tani-Oh: the remainders of Shadow Blades mechas mashed onto train-cars.
  3. Aeshi-Nero: function like the Drill Worm, just without the drilling.
  4. Pacific Dominator: Worst nightmare of any HMF naval forces.
  5. CSS Liberator: the STICK's spaceship. Destroy it's airlock to infiltrate it.
  6. Ship Core: Core of the Liberator. Spam electricity all over the room.


  1. Overlord: The tank responsible for destroying Grodon City, Italy. At least, only it's main cannon survived the crash.
  2. Pennisylvania: High-tech war train used by German STICK Forces.
  3. Hydra Cannon: Officer Mannih's worst case scenario weapon. Owned by the Sweedish STICK Forces.
  4. Soundwavve: huge hi-fi speakers that emit sonic booms. Used by Australian STICK Forces.
  5. Excavator: a drill mecha used by Russian STICK Forces.
  6. Wall Crawler: Upside down tank with magnet clamps attatched.
  7. Fall Mecha: announces it's arrival by crashing the elevator used for the underground base. Destroying it's decellerator will cause it to crash into the bottom of the shaft.
  8. Dai-Rugname: Japanese model of the Flagships.
  9. Tarantulus: spider robot with turrets on it's back.
  10. Crucifer: Doomsday device hidden in the Antarctica Base.*

*This is the mission 20 boss (the final one), the bosses between M9 and 20 are all modified versions of main series bosses.

STICK Tactics[]

Over 50 bosses, but some are based off tank-level enemies and mid-bosses from the main series.

  1. Monoculus: sentient stone eyeball left by the Ancients. Inflict Petrification.